Updated 01/07/2021 10:30am CST-

We have allocated all 100 COVID-19 vaccine doses and currently do not have any more available at this time.  We are waiting on our next distribution of vaccine but do not have any indication as to when that will occur.  Please check back to our website daily for updates.  We will post there as more vaccine becomes available.  As soon as we receive our next allotment, we will continue to administer to Tier 1A and Tier 1B on a first come first serve basis.

Updated 01/06/2021

Victory Medical was recently allocated our first 100 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  According to CDC regulations, individuals that fall into tier 1A are to be vaccinated with the utmost priority followed by tier 1B.  Tier 1A includes healthcare personnel due to their constant exposure to the COVID virus.  At this time, we have allocated the first group of vaccines to our internal Victory staff so that we can continue to stay healthy and provide care for our patients.  Once they have been vaccinated we will begin administering to those in the public who fall into tier 1A and 1B.  We should receive additional allocations of vaccine from the State of Texas in the near future as well. 

We understand that locating vaccines can be frustrating. We have provided a link below as an additional resource to assist you in finding a location that was allocated COVID vaccines for the current week.


Department of State Health Services:



In the right hand column, each week the state posts where COVID vaccines have been allocated, their contact information, and how many vaccines went to that location.